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Alliance Adventures

 As far as you can get from your everyday without leaving our planet



Our Mission

To assist  fostering the bridge between "living, and living well". Our primary goal is to  promote physical activity & adventures that challenges you safely, to assist bringing back the adrenaline and comradery your career promoted. We will engage in adrenaline pumping "get your sweat on activities & tasks"  that encourage team building, and personal accomplishment. We want to help you with  tools to work through the tough days, with mentors who understand it. 

What to Expect

While settling in to the organic rhythm of our island adventure retreat on Tablas is lovely, “slow” isn’t everyone’s preferred speed. We want to engage you, and get your body moving, thinking, in a team setting.  If your idea of local living involves stepping outside your comfort zone and diving face-first into a foreign culture, we’ve got you covered six ways to Sunday. Our Adventure Retreat reaches the mountain tops of Payao pao  in Sta Fe, Tablas Island to the ocean floors of the spectacular Blue Hole in San Augustin.

We will serve up some of the most challenging, unique experiences we could find that will engage you safely. We want to create with your team, heart racing, adrenaline pumping experiences, that challenge you to your core. We wanted to ensure that this experience is the sort of stuff you’d not typically be able to arrange on your own (unless you’ve got close personal friends  in the upper mountain regions of Tablas Island of course, and well, we have just that!)  Our PTSD Adventure Retreat offer the best kind of culture adjustment. We want to ensure that you get both a physical and  mental challenge, and take you out of your comfort zone, to begin to build new bridges of healing. We want to take you back to the comradery and blood pumping career days. We will safely and respectfully  challenge you, and it will then begin to rebuild that confidence.  

The excitement begins when we are taken deep inside a destination location with your team who quickly become your support system. It becomes natural to establish the team bond, so that you can observe, and integrate your adventure task order to reach or obtain the challenge of the day.  Its a unique experience to see how teams work together,  how bonds are quickly formed, as men and women are embarked on a new territory and new challenges. We are here to help along the way, establishing trust and commitment to our selves and our team.

Prepare to be changed when you are surrounded daily by people who live simply, and happily in the world’s remote area's.  Culture is best when it’s immersive, and with our Adventure Retreat experience, you’ll be up to your neck in adrenaline.  We invite you to have this unforgettable experience that assist you with gaining  you additional building block for your recovery.  Let us help to  restore confidence and re establish connections, communication, and dialogue with the important people in your life.


We want to foster the bridge between, living & living well

We want to hear from you

If you, or someone you feel could benefit from our non-profit program please contact us for upcoming retreat dates and program. We are a 100% non profit organization who relies on  donations to fund this program and its amazing  activates.

We partner with local and international agencies, so if you feel you could benefit from this program, or if you have any questions on how to become a part of this unique and memorable experience, please contact us via email or on FB. We will reply immediately to your inquiry. 

Contribute or Donate

If you or an organization you represent would like  to donate to a help support the next retreat, we would kindly ask that you email us with your corporate requirements, and we will happily send you what you need to make you a support partner of this amazing program! If you interested in becoming a mentor volunteer, we would love to hear from you, we value your expertise and compassion for your brothers/sisters.

Our Sponsors

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Contact Us

Cynthia Cummings

FB Cummings Highlands

+639 21 366 6152

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