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If Your Ready, We're Ready


Are you struggling with PTSD, or an Operational Stress Injury? Anxiety, depression, anger, disassociation or other symptoms of trauma? Is your family life affected? Trouble making or maintaining relationships?

We Are You.

We want to assist  fostering the bridge between "living, and living well". Like many of you, the military has been my life since I was 19.

I am a proud Canadian Armed Forces Veteran with 25 years of service. I too have suffered with issues associated from PTSD related to my military service. I too deal with it everyday.

Who Are We.

 We are a dedicated volunteer group of men & women who are the past and present serving members of the Canadian & USA Military. We are the first responders to a fight  that is not our own. We are just like you.  We have dedicated our careers, and lives to the service of others.

We Get It. We Get You. We Are You. 

We understand  that the words transform to the physical, and non-military people don’t understand us. We understand that you may not wish to share your thoughts, idea's, triggers, personal situations,  with your friends and family.

We understand that you may feel judged, ashamed, or betrayed by a once strong mind and body.

We understand  that the words transform to the physical, and thus at times  may be perceived as "weakness" or " trivial".  We understand this. We know it. We have been there, or we are there working through it like you.

We understand that, despite all the awareness to it, it still feels as though that those four letters have a negative connotation.  Society, family, friends, truly wants to understand, but they just cant. We understand.  We know it.

They Are Not You. We Understand That.

We understand  that some days, despite your ability to work or socialize, sit with your family, kiss your children, eat dinner at the table, or converse with your neighbour,  at times,  you really are consumed with self doubt or reoccurring thoughts. We understand that you need to feel safe in a world that doesn't  quite understand what its like to have  been in a  life of comradery. To rely on that team to have your back, keep you safe, protect you. That was their duty.  We understand that you have been in so many countries, ungodly places, seen things, had tasks, both positive and negative, that are just not understood. Only to then one day to have it just gone. Left with the memories of who you were, and your sacrifice for your country.  Dissolved away like a relationship that was doomed from the start. No one could ever make you understand when they told you that it would be this way, painful and even terrifying. We understand that this is extremely difficult.  Ones self, identity, rank, respect, "military family", and just who we are as regular men and women are changed and has created overwhelming realities.

Our Goal Is To Give Back.  

We want to ensure that we share our experiences, relate to you with the  compassion, and dignity you deserve to support your courage in this fight.  We feel,  so many men and women are slipping through the cracks, forgotten, or have been pushed aside due to political bureaucracy, that its extremely important to begin to reach out to help our brothers and sisters. We know it can be extremely difficult, that's why were here for you. We want to give back to you, by sharing our failures and success stories,  and help you with that determination and spirit we know is within you. We want to connect with you, and if you think this program could be for you, then lets talk!  

Were Here To Help.

Beginning January 2019 , We are proudly  hosting the years first 7 day  "Adventure Retreat" on the small island of Tablas, Romblon Philippines. We are working towards developing a positive network of military and first responders that are having difficulties in their daily lives.  We will be offering an engaging program set in a natural  eco- resort environment that is in a safe, with open dialogue, and judgement free. We have a host of volunteer medical professionals, military and first responder mentor's  who will work towards the re-establishment of belonging & acceptance . Our goal is to  foster positive life skills, through adventure, team building, and comradery, in a supportive and understanding setting. All we need is you. We are waiting, and we welcome you.

Who Can Apply. 

We welcome all applicants who are military, and first responders suffering from Operational Stress Injuries. If you think you would benefit from our Adventure Retreat, then please send us an email, we'd really like to chat with you. We accept applicants who are eager to participate,  who are mobile, and participate in some type physical activity or lifestyle is ideal. This is due to the program design.  You dont have to run marathons, but we guarantee to be humping up some mountains.  You, with  your group will  be crossing rivers, repelling in caves,  snorkling & diving in the bluest of oceans,  paddle boarding, kitesurfing, sailing, and then perfectly balanced by the discipline of yoga and calm of meditation. So, let talk!

All we ask is from our adventurer guests is determination and will to succeed. We'll make sure you get there.



Photo Credit: Canadian Armed Forces

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Thanks for reaching out, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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