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"Momma' will it grow...?"

As the new leaves on the tree's rustled in the spring air, the birds chirped their springtime songs, All the animals on the farm listened and cheerfully hummed along to the sweet music. They also had another reason to be happy, with spring along came all the new baby animals.

"Time to wake up children", said Elsie the momma pig, "its a new day, and everyone on the farm will want to meet you"

All the piglets rose and walked out into the spring air. Each in a bright pink coat, as pretty as the blossoming flowers.

"Good morning everyone", Elsie said to all her farm animal friends gathered outside the barn, "May, I introduce to you all, my pretty piglets"

"Well, how nice to meet you all", Suzie the cowed mooed. "this is my calf, Ben" Annie the duck, who was known as the most curious of all the farm animals, came waddling over. "These are my ducklings, aren't they just a perfect bunch", she quacked proudly.

"Why, yes they are" Elsie squealed happily.

"Momma, were hungry", a baby piglet quietly oinked. "follow me little darling's, and Elsie began to walk to the feeding trough area in the barnyard.

One by one the litttle pink piglets walked behind their momma, squealing in excitement for their morning feed.

"Now dont push, and line up for your breakfast my little darling's", Elsie happily oinked. "Ok momma", the pink little piglets squeeled at the same time, and began to push their way to find a spot in the feeding trough. Curly tails in the air, all oinking happily, as they began to eat their feed, they wiggled and sqeeled like piglets do, not seeing the other farm animals making their way into the barnyard.

"Oh look ma", Ben the calf mooed, "one of the piglets is missing his tail"! He giggled to his mother, and Suzie then nudged him to be polite and quiet.

Each Piglet turned and looked at each other tails, not sure who Ben was even talking about. Then they kept on eating, as everyone seemed to be quite the same as the other, and not paying any attention to what Ben had said. The smallest piglet who had been pushed to the end of the trough, noticed that it was HIS tail that was missing. He only had one little squiggle as a tail, not like his brother and sisters who has three squiggles! He sadly looked up to his momma for help.

"Momma, will it grow"?, the baby piglet asked shyly

"Of course my little darling, in time it will" Elsie said in a comforting tone.

As the morning sun began to rise higher in the sky, and it warmth of it brought out the new animals in the barnyard together to play. "Lets play a game", the ducklings quacked.

"Ok, that will be fun", mooed Ben.

One of the little yellow duckling fluffed his tail, and turned to all the barnyard animals that had gathered to play and said, "But not little piglet, he doesnt have a tail, and he looks funny"

Sorrily, and with a heavy heart, the little piglet walked back to the pig pen, hearing all the barnyard animals playing games behind him.

Piglet was feeling very sad, and thought that he would just lay down and take a nap, and then after, maybe the other animals will play with him later.

As he snuggled himself into the big haystack, and was getting comfortable, he heard a very faint "Quack"

"Oh my what was that" piglet thought.

"Watch where you are laying down", said a duckling with its little beak sticking out from the hay.

Startled, the little piglet said "who.. who are you"?

"I am one of Annie's ducklings" it quacked. "None of the animals want to play with me," said the ducking.

Duckling began to pull out his webbed feet, "see, my feet are too big, and I trip all the time"

Piglet looked at them, and got a big smile on his face, and said "well I think they are amazing, your so lucky. I would love to play with you"!

Duckling smiled at piglet, and wigled his little yellow taill in excitement that he had a new friend that would play with him. Duckling could see that piglet wasnt smiling, and asked him "Why are you not playing with all the new animlas in the barnyard little piglet"?

Without answering, little piglet just turned around and showed him his little tail, wiggiling it so he could see it better.

"My goodness, where is your tail piglet" ducking asked polietly

"Someone forgot to put it on", piglet said sadly. "im different than my brothers and sisters, and no one wants to play with me"

Duckling said happily as he put his wing around piglet and patting him " well, I like you. I like that you are unique, this way I can tell you apart from your brothers and sisters"

"I like you too duckling, lets be the best of friends", piglet squeeled.

So the piglet and the duckling decided that they would just sit and talk together. Piglet asked so many questions about life as a duck, and how exciting it must be to swim in the lake.

Duckling had alot of questions like "how much fun was it to roll around in the mud. what kind of food did they eat, and how big would he get"?

They talked and talked. Each enjoying the others friendship, and nothing else mattered.

Ducking had a great Idea, and he told the little piglet. Maybe he could pull on piglets tail and it would help it grow. Piglet was excited to try the idea, since he really wanted to be the same as his brothers and sisters.

Piglet positioned himself so that duckling could get a grasp of his little tail. "SNAP" went ducklings bill on the piglets tail."

"Ouch, that hurt", cried piglet.

"Im going to start pulling now, are you ready" duckling said. "Yes , im ready duckling", piglet squeeled hopefully.

Holding on so tight, the little duckling pulled. Then he pulled some more. The tail uncurled and stretched, and duckling pulled so hard that piglet himself started to be pulled backwards. Duckling wanted this to work so much for piglet, that he kept pulling so hard, that he didnt realize piglet was moving backwards as well, untill the final pull of strength, they both went tumbling backwards into the haystack.

Piglet and duckling were laughing so hard, they forgot about checking to see if it worked.

"Take a look piglet", said duckling. So little piglet got up quickly and looked behind at where his new tail should be. "It didnt work" piglet said, and he began to quietly cry.

"Dont give up piglet, we'll find some way to make it grow", duckling said trying to comfort him.

"Its ok, my momma says that some say soon enough it will grow and i'll be just like my brothers and sisters, thank you for being my friend, and trying to help me".

"Of course, thats what true friends do, help and encourage each other". duckling said smiling at piglet. "Your right" said piglet, "and we are the BEST of friends".

Duckling heard his momma calling, and told piglet he had to go home for supper. So off went duckling to join his family tripping over his large orange duckling feet.

Elsie and all the piglets joined little piglet in the barn, and they all nestled down for the night.

"Arent you hungry my litttle darling piglet", Elsie said so kindly.

"No, momma, im not." Little piglet said.

"Come sleep beside me my little piglet, Ill tell you a bedtime story to help you sleep". Little piglet squeezed his way past his brothers and sisters, and snuggled up beside his momma. He looked up her and said" Momma, are you sure it will grow".

"Im very sure my little darling piglet, now listen to my story and try to sleep"

Little piglet listened to his momma's sounds, and fell fast asleep.

The morning sun came ,and all the piglets ran outside to eat their breakfast. Little piglet took his time, he didnt want any of the others to laugh at his tail again.

"Come along little piglet", Elsie oinked, and nudged him so gently to the trough.

Slowly little piglet made his way, trying to hide himself from all the barn animals that were now in the yard gathered for their own food.

As little piglet was walking slowly, he heard Ben say "Look ma', the little piglet has a new tail"!

Little piglet raised his ears, and then lifted his head towards his tail.

"It was true, it worked", he thought, " duckling had pulled it out"!

Feeling a sense of pride, and confidence, the little piglet walked around the barnyard showcasing his new tail.

Elsie walked over to him, and whispered in his ear. ' See, my little darling, I told you it would grow"

Piglet ran off to find duckling, and tell him the great news.

He looked everywhere for him. In the barn, by the trees, and near the pond. He couldn't find duckling, but he then heard something wonderful.

"Look at me mother, look at me..."duckling was saying so joyfully, I can swim faster than all the other ducks"!

"Yes my little duckling, as I told you, your large duck feet would be very helpful to you, for something so very special" Annie said proudly. "I am so very proud of you", she said as she cuddled him under her wing.

Just as the duckling shook off the water, he saw piglet by the ponds edge. He jumped into the water and swam over to him across the pond ever so quickly

"I see you got your tail" little duckling said with a smile.

"Yes, I am very proud", little piglet said, as he showed duckling his new curls."You sure can swim fast" he commented to little duckling.

"Yes, my mom said that my feet would do great things someday, and they sure are. Im the fastest swimmer in the family" Duckling said, as he was splashing his big feet in the pond.

As little duckling got out of the pond piglet hugged her and said " are we still friends, even tough we are not different anymore"?

'We are best friends", duckling said so happily.

So off they went together, in the spring breeze, waddling their way back to the barnyard.

Little duckling tripping over his big duckling feet, and the little piglet wiggling his two curled tail.

The End

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