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Mindful Travels-Getting Here & Settling In

Vancouver to Manila in 13.5 hours…..I arrived tired but actually slept a bit due to having a neck pillow and taking Gravol. Easy peasy getting my phone loaded with data and a local number at the airport, then taking the free shuttle to Cebu Pacific Air, another 1.5 hour flight.

What a pleasure seeing friends we made last time waiting at the Odiongan Airport, on Tablas Island! I initially stayed on the very tip of the island in Santa Fe, but switched to a more central location in Tuguis, Looc. Dealing with accommodation booking sites to alter dates and refunds literally took more than 2 days, 1,000 pesos (around $45 Cdn) for international calling to support sites. When you are 16 hours ahead of where you are calling, it adds an extra little challenge.

First Lessons:

  • As a solo traveller, I should have planned to stay in a less isolated area, at least for a transitional period. 12 km to the nearest town on a very rough road with washouts from recent heavy rains. I had planned on renting a scooter….nope.

  • I knew I’d get a wave of initial homesickness after the first flush of excitement being here. Big kudos to my husband Miles, for talking me down! He travelled all through Asia in the 1970s with limited contact back home and shared strategies for working through those moments.

  • Internet is patchy, calls get dropped and you just have to accept it and try again the next day.

  • The passage of time is different here – take it as it comes and it will work out. I can’t make things go any faster……. patience is a virtue.

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.” Carrie Fisher

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