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How to Reach Tablas




Tablas Island is located in Romblon Province and is an easy trip by air, land or sea for guests that are traveling from Manila. You can easily travel to our island destination with AIR swift, and they are the only airline that travels to our unique island.  They have flights Tuesdays and Saturdays. Check Airlines for departure times and arrivals. Air Swift



If a sea vessel is more your style, you can access two passenger ships traveling from Batangas port to the seaport of Odiongan, Romblon ;  2GO ferries or Montenegro shipping lines from Bantangas Port.  Bantangas Port is a 2 hour comfortable air-conditioned bus trip from Manila/Makati  LRT Bus terminals. Then its a beautiful trip viewing the coast along the many islands till you reach us at Odiongan Port, Tablas.

Take the 7 hour luxury cruise of 2GO travel on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 10AM to 5PM and Tuesdays and Fridays at 9PM to 4AM. For bookings please go to, 

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OR, Take 10-hour cruise of Montenegro lines with daily trips at 5PM. They have no online booking so you must be in Batangas port at least 2 hours before the departure time to purchase ticket your ticket.  Fares range from 600  - 1,000 PHP depending on your age/status (children, student, senior citizen) and accommodation is chosen.







We are a short distance (2 islands south) from the beautiful white beaches of Boracay. To get to us from this destination, you can take the 2GO ferries to Odiongan Port, or, you can take the local ferry bunka that runs daily at 8:30 am from Caticlan port to LOOC Bay port. The bunka, is a wonderful and scenic experience, mixing culture and customary travel experience of the Philippines. 2go travel also has trips to Odiongan port a few days per week. If you would prefer a commercial travel route check out their website for schedule and rates



You have two options; a vessel and pumpboat.  Take the 3-4 hour cruise from Romblon, Romblon seaport to Odiongan seaport via Montenegro Shipping lines on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 12PM. Or, take the 45 minute motorboat ride from Romblon to San Agustin daily at 8AM and 1PM



Take the 3-4 hour cruise from Roxas daily at 3PM to Odiongan seaport via Montenegro Shipping Lines.

Island Tips


Tablas Island is a natural gem of the Philippines, boasting amazing & natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. We are not your typical tourist destination, so luckily, the island still maintains almost all of its natural state. Here are a few travelling tips about us, so that you can be prepared to enjoy everything of what our lil' paradise has to offer:

1. First and for most. We are very fortunate to live on such a safe and friendly island. Of course it is recommended, and safe practice, to be hyper vigilant when it comes to international travel. However, crime is low on the island. Locals are very friendly, and often offer help if you look lost or even just want to engage in conversation to find out a little about you. This is typical interest and not aggressive. As always, common sense it key.

2.  We are a "cash only" island.  99% of local merchants and hotels use this practice. Meaning... we suggest you bring a little cash when you arrive on Tablas. Island. There is 2 Banks in the town of Odiongan, (1 hour away) PNB, and Allied, that have ATM's that can access money if you have VISA, MC, or an international debit card. Fee's are approximately 200 peso ($5.00) to access money, but this varies per bank. We would suggest that you bring a little cash with you, in case of an emergency. We sometimes get brown outs so money is not accessible, or machines can run out of money. So its best to be prepared in the event this may happen. 

3. Trike rides from Looc Port to Cummings Highlands are typically 100 peso. You may be charged alittle more, but feel free to haggle... its a part of the culture. Trike Rides or Ban Hire from Odiongan to Cummings Highlands (45 min) is approximately. 1000-2500 peso.

Please have a price quoted to you before you accept the ride.

4. Tablas island does not have any retail chain stores. What we do have is local open markets that offer fresh fish, meats, fruits for very reasonable costs. Depending on your budget, you may choose to eat at the local restos where the average meal is approximately 50 peso ($1.50 US).  Beer is approximately 35 peso ($1.00 US) and liquor of Rum, Brandy, Gin, Vodka average about 80-100 peso ($1.50-2.00 US). Wine is about 250 peso. ($6)

5. Wifi connection is available for booked guests at Cummings Highlands, and there are also internet cafes Odiongan. Please keep in mind we are only a 3G service at the best of times. So... that means it can be very slow. Phone SIMs are very inexpensive, (40 peso) and a good way to contact people while travelling in the Philippines. Load (pre paid money) is available at most stores, and is easy to do. Most retailers will load it directly to your phone no. SMART & GLOBE are the most popular.

6. We have a local hospital in Brgy Punta (5 minutes away)  in Odiongan. Pharmacy products are easily accessible, and local Doctors and dentists are also abundant in Looc and Odiongan, at a reasonable cost for seeing patients. (For our female guests: tampons are not a typical product on the island. Please make sure you are prepared when you visit.) We do offer these items at our Sari Sari store in case of emergency.


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