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Miles & Jani Drew, Government Services

Victoria Canada

If you are looking for an authentic island experience, this is it!  Cummings Highlands was created with nature in mind - artful use of natural materials, they grow their own food, prepared traditionally or for the less adventurous western palate. You get your own cabin, bathroom, kitchen and there is a sari sari store on site for your convenience. Cynthia Cummings is a gracious and knowledgable hostess with many local connections.  Interested in day trips?  How to get around? Where to buy the best produce?  Just ask Cynthia or her amazing staff. Here you will find laughter, respite and fun, in the most beautiful setting. Prepare yourself for technicolor sunsets, neighbourhood walks where you can see water buffalo, rice fields, banana and mango groves. If you are looking for an island paradise, look no further. You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend. We will be back!

Greg Pasden, Pilot



When my family and I wanted to spend the day filled with island fun, sun, activities and great music, we discovered Cummings Highlands Resort on Tablas Island. What intrigued us was that Cummings Highlands is an Eco Resort that focuses on appreciating and blending with the native & natural surroundings, while having FUN!  As soon as we entered the gates, we were greeted with warm smiles by the welcoming staff. As we walked along the tree lined paths to the main house of the resort, we enjoyed the whimsical fairy houses and had our pictures taken by the native weather station. 

Then as we continued our walk, we come upon the main house... and it's 40 feet up in a giant tree! OMG, it's a gorgeous, native tree house. I was hoping Robinson Crusoe would come out to greet us, but we got something better. We got the hostess, Cynthia. Bubbly, happy and full of Canadian friendliness, she hugged us as we continued our tour. 

Walking beneath the Tree House, and through the hanging vines, we heard a rush of water, like a waterfall.  I paused and looked around to see if I could locate the source of the sound, but I couldn't  seem to pinpoint it. Cynthia continued our tour by parting the vines, and the view was astonishing. It was a crystal blue water fall pouring into an enormous Greek grotto swimming pool. "Would you like to swim"? Of course the answer was "yes".  After our swim, we towelled off and sat in one of the many relaxing chairs under a palm tree to enjoy the sea breeze & sun.


"Rose! Greg! Do you want to eat? My husband, Wayne, is preparing a selection of his favorite gourmet appetizers and he wants someone other than me to try it. Do you mind trying a few?"  Minutes later we donned a shirt and sandals to join Wayne & Cynthia in the main house.  As soon as we got to the top of the stairs and looked out at the surrounding nature, we were awe struck. "This island is beautiful" I said to Rose. "Can you believe we found this gem?"  "Try this", our hosts said and a platter of appetizers was handed to us. '"We have lots more" - Wayne is a closet gourmet and he loves sharing his creations.  "I hope you like fresh seafood"!  Rose smiled, "I love seafood. Do you have any wine"?'  "Darling, you're speaking my language" said Cynthia.

Food was enjoyed, stories were shared, and friendships made. It's much more than we ever expected, and a place we genuinely enjoy visiting.  Will we visit again? I can confidently say with 100% certainty, that we will be back to Cummings Highlands several times this year. Why? Because we love the theme, we love the amenities, and we love the hospitality and kindness of the hosts. Would I recommend visiting or staying at Cummings Highlands Resort? YES! If you do, then I recommend that you stay for several days so you can absorb the magic that this place exudes. Island Life is Awesome, and so is Cummings Highlands. ​

Julien Low, Nuclear Explosive Technician

Toronto,  Canada


From the first moment Wayne and Cynthia met me at the airport on Tablas Island  I was surrounded by intense heat and I was emotionally able to start to exhale.  As soon as we started to drive through the small village street (a small village is what they call a Barangay) I was in a state of happiness.  Ttightly packed huts and homes smell of smoke from small fires here and there but quickly forgotten as soon as my eyes start to see what god has blessed this island with.  Lush green tropical jungle, vast areas of rice fields, vegetation that can’t be duplicated and of course the farmers' lands in which they are constantly busy working.    People on motorcycles or walking about with so many little dogs laying on the roadway with no concern for anything driving by. A short drive and we arrived at the main gates to Wayne and Cynthia’s paradise retreat.  To my right I looked and saw the rice fields, a few goats and a cow. Nearby were Wayne's two large pigs.  As we got within feet of stopping it settled in - I was 1/2 way around the world running on adrenaline from the excitement of what lie ahead during my visit.

"Welcome to Cummings Highlands" I'm told....but it still seemed surreal.  Did I really step out of my comfort zone and do this....?  Clearly I did and I had no idea what was going to happen.  I was greeted by 4 furry kids, Buddha, Socks, Bentley and Angus.  Tails wagging of course as they are a happy group.  I met Starr and Deidra, their daughters and they were pleasant, polite and welcoming.  I was a sweaty stinky mess and the heat attacked my unacclimatized body.  Whew... Omg it was hot but I loved it.

Shortly after I got a property tour by Wayne and Cynthia and see the size of their land and that they have created together.  There is a pool, bar, cabins and the bbq huts around the pool for guests to enjoy shade.    W were oined of course by the 4 furry kids who love to run about the land.  So much land still left untouched for anything they ever decide they might want to possibly do next.  This island and the land that surrounds Cummings Highlands is an HD front row seat to the most amazing and beautiful landscapes I've ever almost didn't seem real.  "How is this possible I wondered...? How was this really that beautiful and thankfully still untouched by large city structures and commercialization?  Was this god's secret and he was smart enough to create all this on this part of the world?  The land with its lazy dancing tree branches from the gentle ocean breezes kissed its leaves as it passed by had already started to dig its hooks into me.

If you decide to take the step and try this island out you will see so many things with your own eyes that will be engrained in your memory forever.  You’d be a fool not to go. So, let’s talk about being foolish.  Simply put, being foolish would be to not go to Cummings Highland Resort. This place is amazing!!!   Fantastic views, so much creative design in all of the construction that makes this resort what it is.  It is perfectly built in Mother Nature’s stage surrounded by so much natural beauty.  Beautiful trees that dance from the comforting breezes.  Unobstructed views of Looc Bay, an incredible pool with waterfall pool and grotto.  The owner's home is so unique and impressive with the thought and design behind it.  40 feet in the air with 360 degree decking so no view ever is missed.  Every part of this resort is constructed with native materials.  You will find yourself looking around so very often at all the detail it’s incredible. The staff at Cummings Highland are so very nice and welcoming.  Michael, Pergin, Dinah and Arnell are always close by for anything that is needed.  Always happy, always smiling and pleasant. 

The Cummings family are top notch in my book and so is their beautiful resort.  I was fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks on their property and it flew by so fast.  I’ve been on all types of all-inclusive 1 week resort holidays and sometimes I’m already ready to go back home before day 7.  Well, at Cummings Highlands I did not want to leave!!!

What this family has created is like no other.  If you aren’t able to find relaxation here I would suggest to you that will not find it anywhere. My time at Cummings Highlands Resort and the time I spent with their amazing family has changed me forever.  This  gorgeous island that they have now called home now that I have seen it for myself will forever be the most incredible experience I have ever had. The Cummings Highlands Eco Resort is without a question what you need to find relaxation and it’s perfect for leaving all your negative distractions behind. Make a smart decision, go there and see for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!!!

Thomas Dick, Project Director, Gold Coast, Australia

 I'm the type of person that you tell how difficult and challenging a place is to get to then the more enticing it becomes. And of course as in this case you are often richly rewarded. Wow wow wow what an amazing place Cummings Highlands is with the views, the pool, the food, the staff ...awesome ..awesome!! From the moment I arrived to the end of my stay, nothing was too much trouble for any member of staff. The accomodation was soooo relaxing, peaceful, calm and you have as much privacy as you would like, with your own huge pool with waterfall and the views superb from upstairs and downstairs. Everything was catered for. When I was shown to my poolside bungalow the breeze was beautiful, the bathroom convenient and kitchen next door overlooking the pool. Beautiful, fresh, clean, private and overwhelmingly peaceful. Wifi is handy and tv in most cabins. Everything is available in the onsite store, all in anticipation of your comfort. What more can you ask for? The bed was large and very comfortable with beautiful forest bay views. You can go to sleep seeing all the junk boats fishing in the evening with their green lights, and wake up with a dip in the very private pool. Superb catering from Cynthia for breakfast lunch and dinner. Just perfect. The site is remote from the township but safe and staff rent ,motor bikes and tricycles within seconds should you need one. It is also too far to walk to the beach but transport is available down anytime you need it. I spent several nights at the little restaurants and bars nearby and enjoyed economical sumptuous meals and delightfully cheap cocktails. Staff also provide any of the unique experiences listed throughout this website. My pleasure was the delight of being far from anything without a worry in the world swimming, reading, meditating and just "being" in and part of this most awesome tranquil peaceful creation of Wayne and Cynthia. I would earnestly recommend Cummings Highlands to others and hope one day soon to return to experience this beautiful place once again.




"The place is so nice. It is a place where we can sit and relax stress free. The staff is very accommodating and kind. We hope next time we come that there is videoke here in the resort."




"Had an amazing afternoon! Loved the pool and music. Very friendly staff . 10/10."




"Cummings Highlands is one of a kind. Love the place and it is worth coming back again and again".

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