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We invite you to come and visit our Military & American Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle course at Cummings Highlands.  The TOUGH MONKEY obstacle course will challenge you to the core... So if you think you have what it takes to be crowned KING OF THE JUNGLE, then visit us and challenge your self.  Come and test your skills, take the challenge, and see if you're the "BADDEST BEAST IN THE JUNGLE."   You can test your skills on the obstacle course, use it for a team building event, or family gathering. This is a uniquely designed, 16 Phase, 500 meters (1500 feet) of pure sweat and heart-pumping cross-fit action! It's sure to get test you to your physical limits.                  


COST: PhP 75.00 per person (no swimming)

COST: PhP 25.00 per person (with swimming)

Reserve your event time:


0935 186 5775 DINAH Lordan, Resort Mgr  

0921 366 6152  CYNTHIA Cummings, Owner

Don't limit your challenges, 

Challenge your limits 

Cummings Highlands, Philippines
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